The New Year


by The 20%ers


The New Year


by The 20%ers

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

In the words of H. Jackson Brown, Jr., “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” This is an opportunity that doesn’t come around every day. Now is the time to seize the moment and take advantage of what we’re offering so you can continue on your journey of growth and reach new heights.

• Less Stress

Creating impact in the world shouldn’t isolate you!

• More Money

There is no honor in going broke making the world around you better!

• Better People

Surround yourself with others that are moving the needle and accomplishing amazing things!

• More Time

Live your Perfect Day. EVERYDAY!

January 17-19, 2020

The New Year Network

Jan. 17-19

Hermosa Inn, Phoenix, AZ

The New Year Network will culminate in the setting of intentions for the year to come. Nothing you seek to accomplish will be too massive in the wake of this experience. You will be driven by the collective energy and accountability of the souls sharing in this experience with you. You will be equipped with the know-how, mindset, and, most importantly, the network of support to go forth and conquer the New Year like you’ve never done before!

Your 2020 Vision

  • Put your guard down
  • Systematically Uncover Blocks
  • Conquer Fear
  • Unlearn Limiting Beliefs
  • Gain Clarity & Facilitate Growth

The Experience

  • Kickoff 2020 on the highest of highs
  • Network with Impactful Leaders
  • 2 Days
  • 4 Deep Work Session Lead By Empowering Speakers
  • Emersion Event for Leaders
  • Private casita for reflection, planning, and application
  • Safe & Confidential Environment

The Agenda

January 17th

  • Check In
  • Networking
  • Private dinner & drinks

January 18th

  • Speakers (Mycal Anders, Alex Aanderud)
  • Deep work

January 19th

  • Speakers (Ken Kilday & Aaron Hinde)
  • Goal setting
  • Plan of action


What is it?

At the New Year Network, we are going to kick off 2020 on the highest of highs … by facilitating growth! The immersion will kick off by breaking the ice with a private dinner on the 17th of January. We will then seclude ourselves: each of you will have the privacy of your own casita for reflection, planning, and application of your lessons learned! Nestled in the peaceful serenity of the Hermosa Inn, Phoenix, AZ.

Over the course of the next 2 days, we will immerse ourselves in 4 Deep Work sessions, each empowered by our phenomenal speakers, experts in the application of our 4 pillars: Health, Wealth, Relationships, & Time. During these sessions, we will systematically uncover blocks, conquer fear, disprove limiting beliefs, and facilitate action.

The New Year Network will culminate in the setting of intentions for the year to come. Nothing you seek to accomplish is too massive in the wake of this experience. You will be driven by the collective energy and accountability of the souls sharing in this experience with you. You will be equipped with the know-how, mindset, and, most importantly, the network of support to go forth and conquer the New Year like you’ve never done before!

Guest Speakers

A Note from Mycal: “Trajectory, Not Velocity”. Aaron speaks to protecting your energy and ensuring that progress remains steady, no matter how fast or slow. The journey is not about how fast you can get to the finish line. No. It is about making sure your values remain in alignment, your thoughts and energy are committed to the goals you set, and the momentum you spent so much time creating is maintained!

Aaron Hinde

My passion for athleticism and my ability to equip people with the formula to preform at maximum capacity has played a major role throughout my career. My name is Aaron Hinde and I am the Co-Founder and President of LIFEAID Beverage Company, where we re-imagine what you drink. LIFEAID is a leading manufacturer of premium, healthy, and convenient nutritional products designed to boost performance and speed recovery for people pursuing active and healthy lifestyles. Basically, we make vitamins you’ll actually enjoy drinking!

After earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College, I served as Clinic Director at Hinde Chiropractic Sports Injury and Pain Center for over ten years. As one of the top practices in Santa Cruz County, I helped over 5,000 individuals, including professional athletes, erase their pain and return to function as quickly as possible.

Being immersed in the health field, I noticed a genuine need in the marketplace for clean and effective sports drinks without the sugar and artificial flavoring. In 2011, I co-founded LIFEAID to provide individuals with specially formulated, low-sugar, high-value natural supplement beverages. Each of our nine beverage options, FITAID, FOCUSAID, LIFEAID, IMMUNITYAID, GOLFERAID, RX, FIT ZERO, RX ZERO and PARTYAID, are made with custom ingredients to provide customers with unique benefits ranging from enhancing athletic execution, to delivering mental acuity and improved concentration.

In addition to providing top-of-the-line products to over one million customers worldwide each month, the team at LifeAID is committed to giving back. We proudly support our local community, as well as sponsor dozens of top CrossFit athletes, Spartan Racers, and PGA professionals. With our continued success, LifeAID is dedicated to disrupting the beverage industry and people’s expectations of sports and energy drinks. 

A Note from Mycal: “Get the Right People On Your Bus”. Ken fundamentally understands that not everyone belongs on your team. He assists in strategically building organizations comprised of individuals playing to their strengths so the leader is able to play in theirs. In creating this relationship dynamic, leaders are able ensure the right people were on the bus, but more importantly, that they were sitting in the right seats, positioned to excel in their flow!

Ken Kilday

Ken uses the hard-won lessons of building, leading and growing businesses over the past three decades to help business leaders uncover their unique talent, bring out the best in themselves and translate that into a better relationship with their teams (including peers, partners, contractors, and clients). Ken calls this approach the “New-Tough Leader” method: equipping leaders to expect the best, lead with compassion, and inspire each individual to their natural strengths by creating an environment of successful business results and strong morale.

Ken is a Registered Corporate Coach, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. His professional background reflects his passion for making information digestible, customized for every client, and pays it forward by coaching to a higher standard. Prior to founding his firm, Ken brought new life and growth to a technologically advanced wealth management platform at Charles Schwab, which recruited him due to his success at two other large wealth management firms. In a career spanning two industries and thirty years, Ken’s ability to drive growth, expansion, and success while improving the team and client experience has led to stronger talent attraction, better team engagement, and superior business results.

⚡ I help executives and entrepreneurs unlock the entirety of their talent and that of their team to get lasting success in any business climate, spend less time at work, and achieve high team engagement.

For the past 30 years in various leadership roles, I’ve built high-producing teams using the New-Tough Leader method for consistent results, strong team engagement, and reliable growth in an atmosphere of trust.


I help my clients overcome challenges like:
Fire drills in reaction to seemingly daily crises.
– Friction among team members.
– Burnout from running hot to achieve short-term goals only to run out of steam for the long-game.

…and turn that into a fun, energetic, happy team with both short- and long-term wins.


A Note from Mycal: “Mindset Is Everything”. Alex facilitates neurolinguistic programming and mental & emotional release therapy as means to create the abundance you desire to achieve. The application of the deep work he does allows you to get over yourself, overcome limiting beliefs and step into your role as a leader of leaders. He helps uncover your true potential, and in doing so, uncovers talents you didn’t know you have so that you can bridge the gap between vision and reality!

Alex Aanderud

As a Consultant and Integrative Coach, Alex Aanderud helps his clients get results…period.

Alex specializes in psychometric analysis, streamlining and managing hidden and intangible assets (people, trust, communication, retention, culture, etc.) and mitigating mental and emotional trauma.

Using skills he learned as an engineer supporting experimental flight test for Boeing and the US Military, combined with some of the most advanced techniques in Integrative Psychology, Alex helps his clients mitigate internal conflicts, discover and align what is most important to them and learn to effectively communicate with others.

Whether you are looking to change your habits, your life or your legacy, Alex Aanderud will help you get your results.

Certification and Credentials:

• Certified Integrative NLP Coach
• Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach with The John Maxwell Team
• Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the Master Practitioner Level
• Certified Trainer of Mental and Emotional Release® at the Master Practitioner Level
• Certified Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Master Practitioner Level
• Certified Weight Management Specialist
• Certified Value-stream Mapping Workshop Leader
• Certified Lean Practitioner
• Certified Six Sigma

Organizations and Background

• Founding Member of the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP)
• Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA)
• Certified Member of the John C. Maxwell Team
• Former Engineer supporting Experimental Flight Test for Boeing and the US Military.
• Subject Mater Expert in Systems and Process for Developmental Manufacturing
• Audit Focal for FAA and Military/Contract Quality Audits
• Degree in Aerospace Engineering
• International Trainer and Director of Membership
• Past State Leader and International Candidate for Youth Fraternity
• Former Shrine Clown registered through the National Shrine Clown Association 

A Note About Mycal: “I only got this far because of what I did not know”. Mycal is a decorated Marine Corps veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. He has spent a lifetime developing is ability to lead, building teams, organizations, and communities that thrive on expectations of excellence and collective accountability. Mycal is the embodiment of countless hours of introspection and answering the hard questions that inevitably break the chains of limiting beliefs. He has achieved much of his success through mentorship, strategic coaching, and mastermind groups over the past two decades. With a successful best-selling book, a podcast that has achieved over 1 million downloads, and a community of leaders moving the needle in the 20%’ers, he has created the New Year Network for other leaders to immerse themselves with like-minded people looking to raise the bar in 2020!

Mycal Anders, MS, CSCS

Mycal has lead teams on the gridiron, as a collegiate athlete. He has lead warriors in combat, as an Officer of Marines. He has lead coaches in business, as the founder of Crossfit PHX. 

As a result, he has also built amazingly supportive communities. Mycal founded Crossfit PHX in 2013. Four years later, in 2017, his box was rated the #1 CrossFit Gym by Men’s Journal.

Through his journey in fitness, both personally and professionally, Mycal has been in the company of countless impactful leaders in their respective communities, industries, and organizations. Because of that exposure, he has become fascinated with leadership, success, and fulfillment. 

He became a student of success: diving into seminars, books, and mentorship. Along the way, he discovered his true gift of connection. More specifically, the building and development of communities built upon a foundation of collective accountability. 

To take it one step further, he began a podcast (first “Feed Me Fuel Me”, and now “The 20 Percenters”) dedicated to uncovering the common tenets of success adopted by the thought leaders he interviews. Over 150 episodes, and over 1 million downloads later, those tenets of success, happiness, and fulfillment were condensed into a best-selling book, “Inner Circle: Focus and Fulfillment Habits of the Enlightened”!

After reading “Think & Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill, it dawned upon him, the importance of his gift. In the current state of our universe, we have never been more connected, yet more isolated ever before in human history. This revelation is especially true of those that hold positions of leadership: in an already isolated and lonely role, the expectations weigh heavily upon those charged with the success of a team.

This makes the case for the inception of the 20 Percenters, the Leaders Forum, and the New Year Network: a community, platform, and immersion experience for LEADERS called upon to move the needle!

Are You Ready?

The opportunity is here, and the choice is yours … which of these options will YOU take advantage of?

Register Today!

The New Year Network $1,997

The New Year Network includes an all inclusive stay at the Hermosa Inn in Phoenix, AZ. Plus, the opportunity to sit, connect, and grow with some of the best minds in the space.

The New Year Network for TWO $3,600

(Savings of ~$400)

They say two heads are better than one! Share this opportunity with someone that will grow with you. This option includes an all-inclusive stay FOR TWO at the Hermosa Inn in Phoenix, AZ.