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Mycal “Derz” Anders, Founder

The 20 Percenters are a group that originally evolved based upon a need for members of my gym, CrossFit PHX, to meet each other, connect and network.  Along the way, I began The 20 Percenters Podcast in which we discussed the journey to happiness, success and fulfillment with out guests.

Throughout the hundreds of hours of dialogue the same four pillars surfaced, although differently, the same nonetheless: Health, Wealth, Relationships & Time (our core values). Between my guests on the podcast and the founding members of the Leaders Forum the shift from struggle, fear, and scarcity to abundance came when those four pillars became the primary focus in their lives.

I decided to take it a step further by providing organization and structure, combined with a community of strong-willed, like-minded people that have chosen to leave the lonely island of epic individual pursuits, and collectively support one another by sharing experiences, knowledge, and best practices that can be readily applied immediately to move to the next level in any, if not all of our four pillars!

The result is fulfillment derived by the collective accountability of progress in Health, Wealth, Relationships & Time!

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