Cam Sulsona & Michael Clifford – All In on the NCI   On this episode of 20 Percenters (@20_percenters) I sit down with the marketing leaders of the Nutrition Coaching Institute (@nutritioncoachinginstitute), Cam Sulsona (@lc.sulsona) & Michael Clifford (@michael_in3). In this episode we dive into:   • Expectations of the Professional Panel • Marvel vs DC and numerous movie references • Imposter Syndrome • Being Coachable • Moving away from your profession so you can become a professional • Manifesting Opportunity   I hope you enjoy the lessons learned in our conversation. Remember, the journey is different for everyone. Those that go the distance, only focus on the things that matter: Health, Wealth, Relationships, & Time!   Please Like – Subscribe – Comment below. I’d love to hear from you. If there is someone you want to hear from on the show, let me know!!