Alex Aanderud – Professional Mind F*cker   On this episode of 20 Percenters (@20_percenters) I sit down with CEO & President of Legacy of Results, Alex Aanderud (@alexaanderud). In this episode we dive into:   • Neurolingustic Programming (NLP) • Mental & Emotional Release Therapy (MER) • Manifesting Your Own Reality • Getting Out of Your Own Way • Replaying the Movie of Your Life • Replacing Habits vs Cancelling Them • Why Your Subconscious Rules Your World • Rewriting Your Narrative for the Life You Actually Want   I hope you enjoy the lessons learned in Alex’s journey. Remember, the journey is different for everyone. Those that go the distance, only focus on the things that matter: Health, Wealth, Relationships, & Time!   click here to check out our sponsors: ⭐️Follow GUEST & their company on Instagram Here: WEBSITE: Follow 20 Percenters on Social Media: ?Follow 20 Percenters on Instagram: ?Add 20 Percenters on Facebook: Follow Mycal Anders on Social Media: ?Follow Mycal Anders on Instagram: ?Add Mycal Anders on Facebook: ?Connect with Mycal Anders on LinkedIn:… Show Produced by: Justin Maxim Follow Justin Maxim on Social Media: ?Follow Justin Maxim on Instagram: ?Follow Justin Maxim on Facebook: Follow JMax Media Group on Social Media: ?Follow JMax Media Group on Instagram: