"I only got this far because of what I did not know." Mycal "Derz" Anders

Welcome to 20%’ers Circle

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The Pareto Principle: Roughly 80% of our RESULTS come from 20% of our ACTIONS

Every LEADER has battle scars! In the accomplishment of our mission & vision we need time to strategize with other leaders for outside solutions to parallel problems!

We are driven  by the collective accountability of the leaders in this group. The influencers within this inner circle are manifesting fulfillment through positive impact personally, locally in their communities and, a few cases, globally! In the pursuit of our life’s purpose we will become the healthiest versions of ourselves. The results of that inward focus will generate wealth beyond our wildest dreams. Through that wealth an abundance of resources are available for us to spread throughout our deepest relationships so we may be intentionally present; maximizing our time with those we love!

You’re Invited!

20%’ers Pledge to Leaders

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I. The collective accountability of our leaders will bring out the best in you!

II. Your FULFILLMENT will drive SUCCESS that far exceeds your investment (read that again).

III. There’s what you came for, and what you walk away with. You will get what you came for and so much more!

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